Lynsey Baxter interview – video

Lynsey Baxter - Rebuse, The Black Book

How would you describe yourself?

Lynsey Baxter - The Walk

Everyone has a resean to go away...

Lynsey Baxter - To The Lighthouse

Even then we new.. That the British overcook their vegetables...

Lynsey Baxter - Broken Lives

We've come a long way in England since then.. Can you imagine?

Lynsey Baxter - Evil Streak, the voyeur

A voyeur admits his secret..

Lynsey Baxter - Chancer - Do What I Say

Just do what the woman tells you...

Lynsey Baxter - Evil Streak, No Guilt

What is this?... "I don't do love anymore"..

Lynsey Baxter - Clarissa

Sean Bean at his most charmingly wicked...

Lynsey Baxter - Cant Stop Breathing, lost

You've lost someone very important...

Lynsey Baxter - Cold Light of Day

Someone's stollen the your daughter..

4-Play: SEDUCTION - THE ULTIMATE OBJECT OF DESIRE (1991) - Lynsey Baxter & Adrian Rawlins

1 of 4 short films, this one directed by Les Blair, made for Channel 4 TV in 1991.

"Starlings" (1988) - Television Screenplay

'Gary Wilson loses his factory job, retrains as a butler and under the patronage of a wealthy young woman finds success in the ...

OO7 The Return - Goldeneye Royal Premiere, James Bond

OO7 The Return - This is the Royal Premiere of the 17th James Bond film, Goldeneye, that took place on 22 November 1995.

'FILM 89' SCANDAL Review

Barry Norman reviews SCANDAL.

BBC: Gormenghast (2000) S01E02

BBC: Gormenghast (2000) S01E02.

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