Marilyn James interview – video

Marilyn Monroe on Sally Jesse Part 2

Interview with Jane Russell, Susan Strasberg and Marilyn's first husband James Dougherty. 1992. This program has not been ...

The Gangsters Moll - Marilyn Wisbey Tells Her Story.

James English, The Anything Goes Show Ep77. Marilyn Wisbey grew up alongside some of the most notorious villains of London.

JIMMY JAMES as MARILYN MONROE on Phil Donahue (5/87)

"THE MARILYN YEARS" ('83-'97) JIMMY JAMES as Marilyn Monroe interviewed on The Phil Donahue Show. This show was a ...

Marilyn on Marilyn( Documentary with rare interviews and footage)

Documentary on Marilyn Monroe's life as told by Marilyn herself. Rare 1960 and 1962 interviews Marilyn gave along with footage.

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller at a press conference

Subscribe to Iconic: Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller at a press conference.

Marilyn Monroe's First Husband James Dougherty interviewed on talk show 1992

First husband of Marilyn Monroe television show 1992.

Marilyn Monroe - Larry King Live, 75th Birthday Special June 1st 2001

With Marilyn footage and interviews with Jane Russell,Donald O'conner,George Barris, Richard Merryman, James Haspiel and ...

Marilyn Monroe Friend and Fan - James Haspiel Interviewed

Audio of Interview with James Haspiel in the early 1990s about his new book on Marilyn at the time called "Marilyn: The Ultimate ...

Marilyn Monroe Rare Live Television Appearance - "Person To Person" Interview 1955

Great Quality footage. Interviewed by Edward R Murrow on the 8th of April 1955.

Rare Marilyn Monroe And Marlon Brando Interview About James Joyce and Animal Improvisations 1955

Rare 1955 radio interview with Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando at the Actors studio benefit on Dec 2nd 1955 with publicity ...

Marilyn Monroe - Larry King Live, 75th Birthday Special June 1st 2001 With George Barris, Donald O'Connor,Jane Russell,Tony Curtis, James Haspiel,David ...


In a series of interviews and appearances spanning more than half a century, Lauren Bacall shares her memories and thoughts ...


In a series of interviews, Jane Russell remembers her 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' costar, Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe On Her First Husband Jim Dougherty - " To Las Vegas To Divorce Him"(Interview)

Marilyn Monroe rare 1960 interview where she is talking about when she married and then divorced her first husband Jim ...

Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum Photos ( ft. Robert Capa, Marilyn Monroe & James Dean)

BBC- english- Robert Capa, Ingrid Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, Isabella Rossellini, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eve Arnold with Marlene ...

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