Marsha A. Hunt interview – video

Marsha Hunt Interview - Pt.1

Marsha Hunt on rediscovering Mary Ryan, Detective, playing "bad", Egyptian Theater, The Grand Inquisitor with Eddie Muller.

Marsha Hunt (live in the UK, 1971)

Marsha Hunt (live in the UK, 1971) What is the song's name?

Marsha Hunt--Rare TV Interview

Marsha Hunt discusses her life and career in this half-hour interview with cable TV host Skip E Lowe.

Marsha Hunt: Mick Jagger's Inspiration For His Song 'Brown Sugar'

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Happy 99th birthday to actress, Marsha Hunt as CineCon features 2 of her flix

Marsha Hunt approached her 99th birthday Labor Day weekend 2016 when she spoke with DemoCast News at CineCon Classic ...

Marsha Hunt 2013 Interview - Pt 1

Marsha Hunt on rediscovering Mary Ryan, Detective, head first into the Blacklist, "the flight to Washington," Raw Deal, director ...

Deep Purple - Marsha Hunt w. Nick Simper Bilzen Festival 1969

Ex-Deep Purple bass player Nick Simper with Marsha Hunt at the Bilzen Festival 1969.

Movie Legends - Marsha Hunt

Movie actress of the 1930s and 1940s who was blacklisted by Hollywood in the 1950s for her political activities.

None Shall Escape Interview

I was fortunate to be able to record some of the interview between Eddie Muller, TCM host, and actress Marsha Hunt, introducing ...


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100 yr old Actress , Activist , Songwriter Humanitarian Marsha Hunt

The Dynamic Actress activist of films like Pride and Prejudice the songwriter who wrote a Love Equality song at 95 who fought ...

Hollywood Actress Marsha Hunt Interview (part 1)

Marsha Hunt talks about her Hollywood career with Joel Blumberg at the Fifth Annual Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention. (www.

Cast Of Hair - Aquarius (1970-1979)

Unissued / unused material. Colour item. Various shots of cast of hippy musical "Hair" singing "The Age of Aquarius" on a central ...

Greer Garson keeps Marsha Hunt out of trouble

The wonderful Marsha Hunt is nothing but trouble for Greer Garson in this scene from 1945's "The Valley of Decision."

Marsha HUNT "Desdemona"

9 fevrier 1970 Marsha HUNT chante "Desdemona" Émissions TV, Archive tv, Archive television, tv replay live, live music, french tv ...

Marsha Hunt's Sweet Adversity - Trailer

A young actress, lives the American Dream in Hollywood when she is unfairly blacklisted and her career comes to a screeching ...

Marsha Hunt's book "The Way We Wore"

Hollywood star Marsha Hunt's gorgeous photo book "The Way We Wore" has just been made available again through Bear Manor ...

Marsha Hunt, Burbank International Film Festival, 9-13-15

Marsha Hunt, age 97, greets a standing SRO crowd at the world premiere of Roger C. Memos' extraordinary new documentary ...

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