Nana Kiknadze interview – video

Rustavi 2 TV report - Post Production of Landmine Goes Click

Another report about Landmine Goes Click, It's post production period and dates of premiere.

Instance Extended Endurance (2015)

Documentary film about Eduard Shevardnadze Based on the memories of Eduard Shevardnadze Producer - Manana ...

GDS report - Landmine Goes Click

GDS TV report about the film making process.

Episode 12 Landmine Goes Click - Excursion on Location

The technical group of the film making team had to work for several months and they prepared a perfect location for filming.

Episode 5 Landmine Goes Click - Georgian Actors - Ilya's Family According to the script, this actors perform family. They got together and started working on ...

Episode 16 Landmine Goes Click - Last Day

Last shooting day of the film "Landmine Goes Click". Guria, Sajavakho.

Episode 8 Landmine Goes Click - Head Shot

Watch how head shot special affects are made.

Frits Damrow Presents "Fitnes For Brass" Paata Beridze & Reso Kiknadze

თბილისის ჩასაბერ საკრავთა ფესტივალზე ჰოლანდიელი მესაყვირე Frits Damrow ფრიც დამ...

Oakam customers testimonials

Here is a clip of real Oakam customers giving us an insight of their experience with Oakam. Keep watching to find out more!

3/10 Mcgregor X Y العربية الدارجة

Douglas McGregor X Y العربية الدارجة L'ECOLE DES RELATIONS HUMAINES Leadership . Relationship Directif. Participatif.

Episode 9 Landmine Goes Click - Leg Shot

Kote Tolordava is shot in his leg :) The film "Landmine Goes Click" preprodaction.

Нана Кикнадзе. Энциклопедия сериалов. Телепередача. Феникс Кино

Нана Кикнадзе. Энциклопедия сериалов. Телепередача. Феникс Кино Канал "Феникс Кино" на портале YouTube.

Episode 14 Landmine Goes Click - Striptease

Our actors at the striptease club shooting a new episode of the Landmine Goes Click.

tony kakkar bijli ki taar official video urvashi rautela 3d audio

SONG CREDITS Song-Bijli Ki Taar Singer, Music, Lyrics: Tony Kakkar Mixed & Mastered: Tony Kakkar Featuring Urvashi Rautela ...

VCE Customer Testimonials

The Challenge How could Volvo communicate to its customers the benefits of its outstanding aftermarket solutions? By getting the ...

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