Sylvia Kristel interview – video

Sylvia Kristel on the Emmanuelle Series

A collection of clips featuring Sylvia discussing the Emmanuelle films.

Interview | Sylvia Kristel

RUNDSCHAU-Redakteur Peter Blochwitz hat die niederländische Schauspielerin Sylvia Kristel im Rahmen des 20. FilmFestivals ...

Sylvia Kristel Interview: On Emmanuelle

A collection of clippings from the OOP disc of Sylvia being interviewed on the film.

Emmanuelle 1974 movie trailer - watch online, Sylvia Kristel film ★★★★★

Emmanuelle (Sylvia Kristel) is the new and inexperienced wife of French diplomat in Bangkok Jean (Daniel Sarky), and he and ...

The Million Dollar Face (1981) Tony Curtis, Sylvia Kristel

NBC TV Movie. Directed by Michael O'Herlihy. For more rare, obscure and hard to find movies that never made it to DVD visit ...

Sylvia Kristel "L'amant de Lady Chatterley"- Archive INA

22 juillet 1981 Sylvia KRISTEL, actrice, et Just JAECKIN, réalisateur sont les invites d'antenne 2 midi, pour parler du film "l'amant ...

Brussels - Sylvia Kristel art

T/I: 10:26:12 9640 Sylvia Kristel / Brussels / September 20 / ENT 2 Emmanuelle star exposes her art Sylvia Kristel, the woman who ...

Sylvia Kristel and EDC - Changes (Bossa Nova)

very rare song by Sylvia Kristel and Eddy De Clercq - Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel joined DJ Eddy De Clercq in 2001 for a ...

Sylvia Kristel (Deel 1)

rust zacht - reposez en paix - rest in peace Onder de K van Kristel, Progamma van Patty Brard & Evert Santegoeds ©1995 RTL5 ...

Thoughts on Sylvia Kristel

Just Jaeckin, Camille Paglia and others on the impact Sylvia Kristel had as Emmanuelle in the seventies.

Sylvia Kristel - The Fifth Musketeer

Sylvia Kristel - The Fifth Musketeer.

Sylvia Kristel (Deel 2)

rust zacht - reposez en paix - rest in peace Onder de K van Kristel (Deel 2), Progamma van Patty Brard & Evert Santegoeds ...

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