Sylvianne Chebance interview – video

Sylvianne Chebance , Horrible People Webisode

Sylvianne Chebance Horrible People Webisode.

Sylvianne Chebance Acting Reel

Sylvianne Chebance's Acting Reel

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Loverzzz - Elisa Manzini & Angelo Campanile Interview

Elisa Manzini and Angelo Campanile interviewed by Hipolito Munoz on the short film LOVERZZZ that they co-directed. At OutFest ...

Ezio Manzini

Keynote speech at the Sustainability Maker Convention 2013 (innonatives)

Joell Posey SAG AFTRA Dramatic Artists Agency 818 288 1859

Joell Posey SAG AFTRA Dramatic Artists Agency 818 288 1859.

Eli Trichon Acting Reel

Criminal Minds Ep. 7.7, "There's No Place Like Home"; NCIS Ep. 7.2, "Reunion"; Thursday's Speaker - Feature Film directed by ...

MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE - Horrible People with A.D. Miles & Kristen Schaal

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The 201 project that I directed. The crew position and the script are picked by the mentors and all of us worked together although ...

An interview with manzini

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Illusion Trailer

Illusion - der Film - mit Carolina Hoffmann, Antje Nikola Mönning, Wolfgang Seidenberg, Marina Anna Eich, Andreas Pegler, ...

Laneya Wiles Acting Reel

Laneya Wiles Acting Reel.

Restless (music video) by Gun Hill Royals

Restless by Gun Hill Royals Recorded, Engineered and Produced by David Peters - Pasadena, CA Video by Elisa Manzini ...

Four of a Qind | short film by Angelo Campanile

FB page: written, edited and directed by Angelo Campanile. http://www.

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