Timphany Jean interview – video

Behind The Taliban Mask: The Other Side Of Afghanistan's Front-line (2010)

Taliban - Behind the Masks (2010): A daring journalist gains unprecedented access to the Taliban in Afghanistan. For similar ...

Philip Glass Rare Interview (1976)

From the interview series Music with Roots in the Aether. Discussions include topics ranging from Glass' compositional style to life ...

DMX Krew - Opal Rhythm Computor tutorial (Drum machine & sampler) - Gear Guide

A one-of-a-kind drum machine, made from scratch. Best known as DMX Krew, Ed Upton has been making acid, electro and ...

CNSMD de Lyon Marimba avec Keiko Abe

Master-classe de marimba avec Keiko Abe CNSMD de Lyon classe de percussions de Jean Geoffroy et Henri-Charles Caget.

Christian Thielemann | Performing Opera

A roundtable discussion on staging opera and the craft of conducting. The discussion is chaired by musicologist Roger Allen with ...

Scientist Edisonஆல் ஏமாந்த Tesla | Dr Kabilan Hypnotherapy On Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison History

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist who is best known for his ...

John JR Robinson Interview - Discover why he is THE Most recorded drummer in history!

John JR Robinson Interview: Stories for DAYS here! Playing with Rufus & Chaka Khan, Eric Clapton, Stanley Clarke, Herbie ...

Sabine Pyrker - Keep On Drumming

Tuesday the Bluesday - Konzertreihe in der Arbeiterkammer Linz.

HPO Timpanist Jean Norman ladeluca Shares His Non-Musical Hobby | #HPOatHome

About the HPO: HPO Principal Timpanist Jean Norman ladeluca shares his non-musical hobby that has kept his busy at home!

András Schiff explains Bach

More: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhIP1CNbYhVObXv7ByHmE5oETjj6RXyAN.

Franz Schindlbeck/Seek the Best Sound

Interview with Franz Schindlbeck, the principal percussionist of the Berlin Philharmonic. This video was shot in 2008.

KIDNEY PROBLEMS On Impact Health Link 27 August 2018

Guest: Dr.Takhellambam Brojen Singh Asst.Prof. Dept. of Nephrology, RIMS Host: Momoka Salam Anchor, Impact News.

The traditional music instrument called the mirrored chabrette

In this interview, Gaëtan Polteau and Jean-Marc Delaunay introduce you to the mirrored chabrette, the traditional instrument of ...

AIDIA-NAST Joint Webinar on COVID-19 and Science Diplomacy

Chair: Dr. Sunil Babu Shrestha, Vice-Chancellor, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) Opening Remarks; Mr.

Music of Frank Zappa: Arthur Barrow at UNT, 23 April 2015

And Music is the Best: The Music of Frank Zappa Featuring guest artist Arthur Barrow with The College Rhythm Band (Joseph ...

Roman Polanski about Vangelis

exerpt from „Journey to Ithaka" DVD.

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